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How much fabric is it needed to wind the machine?

How much fabric is it needed to wind the machine?

Update Time:2019-04-11
How much fabric is it needed to wind the machine?

Q:The rolls I work with are of 50 yds45.7m, and I am seeing that the process to wind the rolls is a very long process and it requires a lot of fabric. How much fabric is it needed to wind the machine? Because I calculate 10 yds approximately and 10 yards out of a 50 yd roll will be a lot of fabric that will not be inspected

A:The whole process of feeding the fabric on the machine is around 3.5m, and it is just around1.5m below the inspection screen, which can not be inspected. For inspecting every roll, we recommend to add a fabric end stop sensor at feeding position, when it detects there is no coming fabric, the machine will stop automatically to let the operator join the next roll. In this way, there will be no fabric cant be inspected in the next rolls. 

穿布的长度是多少? 穿布的这段面料是否可以检验?我的每卷面料是50m, 如果穿布的面料不能检验的话,是不是我每次换一个卷的时候,就会浪费一部分3.不能检验的面料?


It is suitable for a wide range of fabrics,especially for continuous process A-frame batch and re-winding to small rolls.this machine can provide synchronized fabric input or output to A frame with peripheral fabric contact for delicate or heavy fabrics
ST-KFIM-01 is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, from tension-sensitive elastomeric and lycra fabrics to stable woven, technical and upholstery materials.