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What Is Non-Woven Fabric?

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What Is Non-Woven Fabric?

Issue Time:2016-05-26

With the development of textile, Non-woven fabric is more and more popular in textile indurstries. It is a new processing, different from traditional knitted or woven fabric. Here is a brief introduction of non-woven fabric.

Non-woven fabric: the loose fibers made by bonding or stitching.

At present, two methods using adhesive and puncture. In this processing method can greatly simplify the process, reduce costs and improve labor productivity, has a bright future.

1. They are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require converting the fibers to yarn.

2. Typically, a certain percentage of recycled fabrics and oil-based materials are used in nonwoven fabrics.

3. The percentage of recycled fabrics vary based upon the strength of material needed for the specific use.

In addition, some nonwoven fabrics can be recycled after use, given the proper treatment and facilities. For this reason, some consider nonwovens a more ecological fabric for certain applications, especially in fields and industries where disposable or single use products are important.

Nonwoven fabrics are engineered fabrics that may have a limited life, single-use fabric or a very durable fabric.