How to measure a correct length of Digital Counter Meter on Fabric Inspection Machine
Issue Time:2016-05-31

Digital Counter Meter is used to measure a correct length on the fabric inspection machine

1) Calculate the Coefficient:

Coefficient= Actual Length(m)/ Display Value(m) <Factory setting: Coefficient=1>

E.G.: actual length is 100m, display value is 105, coefficient should be 100/105.

2) Set the value of Coefficient:

Press "set" button on the control panel seconds and set calculated value of coefficient value (0.0001-99.9999) thru press "  " and "  " buttons.

3) If the display value is the same as the actual value, this coefficient is right,

otherwise, se the coefficient again by the same method. Once the coefficient is confirmed, if the working parameter is not changed, it will not be changed.

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