Fabric inspection for Denim
Issue Time:2016-06-13

Denim Fabric, a coarse surface by thick dyed denim, warp dark color, usually indigo, light weft color, usually light gray or broiled practice after this white gauze. Also known as indigo denim. 

It began in the western United States, grazing staff for the production of underwear named. Warp using the pulp step dyeing process, the number of bits have 80tex (7 English teams), 58tex (10 British branch), 36tex (16 British branch), etc., the weft special number has 96tex (6 British branch), 58tex (10 English branch), 48tex (12 British branch), etc., using 3/1 the organization, there is also change in twill, plain or crepe tissue jeans, fabric finishing by the shrink-proof, shrinkage than the general fabric of small, close texture, thick, bright color, texture clear pattern. It applies to men and women's jeans , denim jacket, denim vest, denim skirt.


Many Denim Factories need to purchase Fabric Inspection Machine  to check the fabric.

Suntech is a leading textile manufacturers in China. We have many customers all around the world.

For Denim factories, we have customers like ORTA, ISKO, SOORTY, ARTISTIC MILLINERS...

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