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A better asset than gold following Brexit result-Auto textile machinery

A better asset than gold following Brexit result-Auto textile machinery
Issue Time:2016-07-08

       Gold rallied to its highest since 2014 on Wednesday and oil struggled to recover from deep losses, as renewed fears over the impact of Britain's exit from the European Union pushed investors toward safe havens.

As investments, for Textile Industry, the Intelligent and Automatic Textile Machine is the best choice, it will bring unlimited returns back within few years.

The next near years, the main trend in the textile machinery industry - automation technology has the following three aspects:

I. It will increase the use of a dedicated controller. The use of Dedicated controller has one of the advantages of lower cost. The cost of labor is not forecast.

II. Multidrive technology will be more widespread.

III. Increasing use of fieldbus. Using the fieldbus to coordinate the procedures can effectively improve production efficiency.


In all, with the features of high degree of automation, less labor, energy efficient and improving the quality of textiles, auto textile machinery increasingly becomes more and more popular.


Keep up with the trend of The Times, SUNTECH has carried on the reform. The Key Products are automatic textile machines, like Auto Fabric Roll Packing Machine, Automatic Beam Stacker, Automatic Fabric Inspection Machine, the technology has reached the Europe level. It is a worthwhile investment, not only saving labor, increasing productivity, but also it can be the asset, it’s good for brand building.

Brexit is a reminder, this world is changing every moment, finding the most suitable products, to adapt to the rapid change.