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What! Textile cost is rising sharply again!

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What! Textile cost is rising sharply again!
Issue Time:2016-11-03
Recently, the price of oil and raw material is rising. Under the circumstances of raw material costs rose 5% to 10%, the market of textile is full of pressure.
A part of the cost of rising, often affect the whole body, affecting the entire industry. This surging tide of price increases will shock the most upstream from the industrial chain of chemical fiber, shoe materials, fabrics spread to the end of the dealer.

This is a challenge for suppliers, manufacturers, and end-product consumers who are caught between the source of the material and the end consumer. Throughout previous years, a price increase, the industry believes that this will be a reshuffle of the industry, the final fight to stay is their own strength.

Raw materials prices, suppliers stuck in the price spiral.

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