USD18,600,000,000 one day on 11th November, Alibaba broke the record again.
Issue Time:2016-11-18

On 11th November, the sales amount of Alibaba was upto 18.6 billion, breaking its self record again. 11th November becomes the Shipping Festival for most Chinese people.

There is no doubt that the power of e-commerce is tremendous, China is showing its great financial potential to the world all the time, also influencing the world.

This 11.11 Shopping Festival not only celebrated in China, but also all over the world.Alibaba is more and more popular, its charming is  unstoppable.

Suntech in one of the customer is Alibaba, but our identity on Alibaba is seller. Our Trade Assurance Credit is USD700,000, top 10 in textile industry.

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