Japan mandatory textile washing care label standard implemented on December 1st officially
Issue Time:2016-12-08

It is reported that Japan in the "Housewares Quality Labeling Act" on the basis of amendments to the mandatory textiles washing care label standards (JISL0001: 2014) already officially come into effect on December 1st. All the corresponding textile products sold in Japan are subject to the new labeling legislation.

The mandatory standard, originally adopted on March 31, 2015, will replace the existing mandatory textile washing and care labeling legislation, JISL0217: 1995, and will also be harmonized with the ISO 3758: 2012 standard "Textiles - Care Label Symbols". The new standard of nursing symbols from 22 to 41, the basic symbols are divided into five kinds, namely washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional maintenance, which is divided into professional and professional maintenance dry cleaning and professional wet cleaning, consumption When buying textiles to provide detailed information on care. In addition, the care label information must be permanently attached to the textile, or printed or stitched directly on the product, which must be visible, durable, and easily accessible to the consumer.

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