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2016 textile industry highlights

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2016 textile industry highlights
Issue Time:2017-01-13
2016 textile industry highlights. 

It is reported that in the business community to monitor the 21 textile products, only spandex prices, the rest of the goods all gains across the board, of which 16 commodity prices rose more than 20%. Cotton by the reserve policy, low inventory of chemical fiber and the impact of pull-up effect of the cost, 2016 textile market ushered in an unexpected "crazy bull market."

Cotton "Spring" is coming

For the cotton market, 2016 is the Spring Festival. According to the business community monitoring, the domestic cotton market has experienced nearly two years, "cliff-style" fell, in April 2016 began a strong rebound. As of December 31, 3128 B-class price of 15,820 yuan / ton, up 22.32 percent.

2017 for the cotton market, in the "stock" background, the cotton imports continue to be restricted by the quota policy, the cotton market is still the focus of digestion and storage of cotton. According to the latest forecast of the US Department of Agriculture, 2016/2017 annual domestic cotton supply and demand gap of 223.2 million tons, the new year will continue to arrange throwing storage to ensure the supply of cotton. Demand, the cotton yarn enterprises due to raw material prices, financial pressure increases, and gray cloth factory because printing and dyeing enterprises have been shut down the number increased, the terminal demand is still the industry pain point. Sun mine is expected, before and after the Spring Festival consolidation of the cotton market bottom, along with the reserve cotton prices will start on the upside, while the alternative chemical fiber and other raw materials, driven by the overall focus is expected in 2017 will continue to shift.