2017 China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Spring and Summer) Expo Time: March 16-18
Issue Time:2017-03-12
2017 China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Spring and Summer) Expo Time: March 16-18 Exhibition Venue: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Exhibits: All kinds of textile fabrics - cotton, linen, silk / imitation silk, wool / imitation Wool, chemical fiber, knitting, functional fabrics, lace embroidery, printing fabrics and so on. (InterTEXTILE) was founded in 1995, the origin of the concept of the Expo and the market based on two aspects of the concept of China's international textile fabrics, home textiles and accessories Expo (interTEXTILE) : First, the development of China's garment industry on the new, high-grade fabric demand for a large number of clothing and accessories to further improve the level and upgrade requirements; Second, the Chinese home textiles, especially decorative textiles market booming and its broad prospects for the development of the industry The In order to promote the development of China's textile industry and the prosperity of the textile market, to enhance the international trade and economic and technological exchanges and cooperation in the textile industry, the China International Trade Promotion Council Textile Industry Branch and the Frankfurt Frankfurt Exhibition Company decided to cooperate in China to organize international trade in textile fabrics and home textiles Expo. Expo exhibits categories are divided into three categories: First, clothing fabrics and accessories; Second, all kinds of interior decoration fabrics; third is home textiles. "China International Textile Fabrics, Home Textiles and Accessories Expo" since its inception, has been uphold the principle of professional and trade as well as exhibitors services for the industry services for the purpose of market services, the focus of the Expo on the professional audience organization , The latest international popular information transmission and promote substantial trade and cooperation, etc., the rapid development of the Expo, the effect is significant. At the same time, the Expo has also been the exhibitors, visitors and industry professionals praise, they believe that "China International Textile Fabrics, Home Textiles and Accessories Fair" is what they need international professional trade show, which is not only the high level of the Expo The organization and the service, more importantly, its distinctive professionalism and the promotion of trade and cooperation efforts to make them rich.
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