EU improved the standards for textile eco-labeling
Issue Time:2017-08-11

   The EU Official Gazette has issued a committee decision (EU) 2017/1392 to revise the original EU textile eco-labeling standard 2014/350 / EU. Suppliers who exports eco-textiles to EU should pay attention to this new decision for eco-textile certification.

   This revision is subject to a number of amendments to 2014/350 / EU and its annex, the most important one is the extension of the validity period for the certification of textile eco-labeling from June 2018 to 78 months from the date of the resolution, that is, January 2024. The amendments also include amendments to the definition of the various textile fibers to which the resolution applies, so that semi-finished textiles also have access to eco-label certification. As well as the inclusion of detergent in the list of Annex 1 EU eco-textile restricted substances, and the revised textile dyeing fastness standards.

   The EU Eco-label is a voluntary labeling system introduced by the European Union in 1992, and producers are able to declare their products has low impact on the ecological environment by labeling . Enterprises to obtain eco-label, not only help to improve product quality and win a wide range of customer base, but also get the easy gateway for selling products in Europe, and that is why the certification of eco-label is more stringent than other EU regulations on textile.

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