Thailand is committed to promote Bangkok to be the top 5 in Asian Fashion Center
Issue Time:2017-08-29

   Thai Ministry of Industry Textile Industry Development Research Director, said recently that the weaving and apparel industry is one of the government's top 10 target industries in the development plan of textile industry.

   The development target set by the Textile Industry Development Research Department, is to enhance Bangkok to one of the top five fashion center in Asia, as well as to develop more than 10 Thai brands in EU market up to year 2036.

   Thailand will develop innovative textile with special features to improve the textiles value, such as to produce the fire-resistant textiles for future’s automotive industry; to produce collagen fiber medical textiles for skin care. At the same time, the Board of Investment (BOI) of Thailand proposed to increase the A1 investment interest of all kinds of high-end textile industry, and to become the partner with foreign research institutions and business companies in production technology development and materials trading.

   At present, Thailand's textile production technology is gradually increasing, in the past years the high-tech only 10-20% of all textile production, and now it increased to 30%. And in the next three years the advanced technology realized in textile industry will increase 5-10% (about 40%). 

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