Indian cotton yarn export prices rose slightly
Issue Time:2017-09-13

    During 24th,August to 30th,August,Indian cotton price remains stable,cotton yarn domestic prices decrease slightly but export prices rose slightly.According to statistics,S-6 cotton price remains 42200 Rupee per Kandi in India last week,and JC30S domestic price fell slightly 2.34% to 209 Rupee per Kilogram,but JC30C FOB price rose 3.45% to 3 Dollars per Kilogram.T/C30S FOB price rose 1.89% to 2.7 Dollars per Kilogram.

 Indian Rupee remained stable last week,but if we calculated by dollars,RMB appreciation  stimulates China’s market demands.International cotton prices rose sharply affected by hurricanes in southern Texas.It is normal and temporary that Indian cotton yarn export prices rose slightly.

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