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Ten Methods To Be Better Textile Mills

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Ten Methods To Be Better Textile Mills
Issue Time:2017-09-20

   US Nonprofit Environmental Protection Group——NRDC (The National Resources Defense Council) is implementing a plan named “ Clean by Design ”. They find ten simple and low cost Methods to reduce much pollution for textile and dying and finishing mills.
   Walmart and H&M , two of the world' s largest clothing retailers, have committed to implement the plan in Chinese major textile mills. In addition, designers and retailers can disqualify them if the mills violate environmental regulations; They can also promote these environmental practices to their suppliers and use better environmental fibers or fabric to reduce their pollution.
   Ten methods to reduce energy consumption and pollution for textile mills below:
   1. Check leakage and do maintenance of protection periodically.
   2. Reuse non-contact cooling water.
   3. Reuse the steam condensate.
   4. Reuse the water of pretreatment.
   5. Recycle heat from hot washing water.
   6. Screening high quality coal blocks in advance.
   7. Do maintenance of steam trap.
   8. Do insulated treatment for the pipe, valve and flange.
   9. Recycle heat from the chimney.
   10. Optimize compressed air system.