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Japan launched catering masks, calling on people to wear masks to eat. Masks are still necessary in the future

Japan launched catering masks, calling on people to wear masks to eat. Masks are still necessary in the future

Issue Time:2020-12-10

According to the Asahi Shimbun reported on the 12th, Japanese health care and labor minister Kenji tanamura pointed out at the meeting that the number of people infected in the past week was twice that of last week. Now it is an important situation to prevent the outbreak of infection, "it is extremely dangerous at present, and it is completely possible to lead to serious consequences."


Tiancun asked that the "new coronavirus infection countermeasures branch meeting" should issue prompt to the public and relevant personnel of the industry as soon as possible. When dining, they must wear catering masks that can cover the mouth area. "What can be done is to start with drip, and prevent the spread of explosive infection bit by bit."Click to share to Facebook


Japanese fast food brands immediately launched innovative catering masks, which were equipped in all stores, and named it "can chat Jun". It is said that "can chat Jun" can let people chat at dinner, effectively prevent the spread of the virus. Part of the catering industry in Japan is also starting to promote the catering mask.


Although this kind of mask is full of creativity and is very suitable for dining, the effect of isolating bacteria is certainly not as good as surgical mask, N95 mask and other special masks. When you walk out of the restaurant, you should wear regular masks. In the face of today's severe epidemic situation, the demand for masks is still huge, and the production of masks is urgent.click to share to linkedin

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Meltblown cloth is the core part of mask which can isolate bacteria. Therefore, the most important link in mask production is to produce meltblown cloth, which requires the use of meltblown machine. This machine adopts the advanced technology of Japan, uses German demage CNC machining center and Italy FIDIA gantry five axis high-speed milling, and is made by adding fluid polishing. The diameter of spinneret plate can reach 0.25 mm, the air wire drawing is 1-4 μ m, the wire spraying is fine and uniform, and the melt blown filtration rate is high enough.


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