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Vaccines are being vaccinated, and masks are still required to be worn, and Suntech's intelligent and efficient mask machine helps mask production

Vaccines are being vaccinated, and masks are still required to be worn, and Suntech's intelligent and efficient mask machine helps mask production

Issue Time:2020-12-16

Recently, in New York State, the most severely affected state in the United States, an intensive care unit nurse Sandra Lindsay received the first covid-19 vaccine in the United States. Experts from the World Health Organization said that although some new crown vaccines have been launched and started to be vaccinated, it is still unclear whether the vaccine can prevent humans from being infected with the new crown virus. Therefore, it is recommended that people continue to wear masks and maintain social distance even if they have been vaccinated.


It can be seen that even if the epidemic completely disappears in the future, people still need to wear masks. Masks are likely to become essential protective equipment for daily life. In addition, the current international epidemic is still severe and the future demand for masks will remain huge.


Previously, the United States implemented a "zero fee" measure for Chinese imported goods that will expire on December 31 this year. Recently, officials have issued a call for the US government to continue to "exempt" medical supplies such as masks, disinfectant wipes and gloves from China. Import costs. If the US government continues to "exempt" mask tariffs, it will further benefit mask exports. suntech(click to share to linkedin


In order to meet the supply of masks, many manufacturers have joined the ranks of mask production. Mask machines, meltblown machines, mask materials and other equipment and raw materials must also step up production to meet current mask production needs.


Mask production includes automatic cloth loosening of mask materials, cutting, edge alignment, stitching, ear folding, sterilization, visual inspection, online packaging, etc. Although the process is easy to understand, the actual operation is more complicated and prone to deviations.Click to share to Facebook


If the cut size is unqualified, the mask fabrics of each layer cannot be accurately fit when stitching, resulting in the overall size of the mask not meeting the requirements or the mask material waste, which greatly increases the rework rate and the failure rate. Suntech mask adopts intelligent, integrated technology, automatic cutting, the accuracy is as high as 99%.


Most mask machines on the market do not have the function of automatically adjusting the tightness of the mask, which causes the mask material to be easily wrinkled or the output mask is loose, which reduces the pass rate of the mask. The Suntech mask machine has good fabric tension control, fabric edge control, and full servo control. At the same time, it can automatically fold and automatically align the edges to ensure the flatness of the mask material and the uniformity of the folds of the mask. More precise.


Folding ears means folding the ear straps on both sides of the mask from eversion to inversion. Most mask machines on the market use traditional mechanical folding ears, which is low in efficiency and poor in effect. The Suntech mask machine is equipped with a cold-pressed ear folding function. The cold air flow quickly folds the ears, and the effect is good, which greatly increases the speed of folding the ears, thereby increasing the speed of mask production.


The biggest highlight of Suntech mask machine is UV sterilization and visual inspection. Laboratory research has proved that the UV sterilization radiation dose is more than 30,000W/(s·cm), which can kill influenza virus, measles virus, Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other pathogens in the air, with a killing rate of over 99.9%.Click to share to Facebook


Visual inspection function: The machine automatically compares the mask size and the error rate of the ear welding position, intelligently judges whether the mask is qualified, and automatically screens out the unqualified masks, eliminating manual screening, reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.


The last process is fully automatic online packaging. The intelligent design saves time and effort in the packaging process.


It can be seen that a Suntech integrated fully automatic mask machine includes the entire production process of masks, which saves at least 5 labors and reduces the error rate. Among them, the high-speed (1+1) mask machine has a production speed of up to 120 pieces/min, high-speed (1+2) The production speed of the mask machine is as high as 160 pieces/minute, which is far from other mask machines in supermarkets.


ST-AMM1+1mask machine,Click to contact


At present, Sirius has more than 4,500 customers and 10,000 machine installation cases around the world. The reputation is excellent and the return rate is high. Among them, the mask machine is the star product of Sirius. Suntech's 46 years of equipment production experience and technical precipitation are also due to the craftsman spirit of Suntech.


Before designing and manufacturing equipment, Suntech will spend several months to conduct user research and demand analysis. We are good at digging customer needs, struggling with details and pursuing perfection. We polish each equipment according to the standard of "China Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing" and make every effort to build The international brand image of "Made in China" has been deeply involved in the machinery manufacturing industry for 46 years, and only does one professional thing-professional manufacturing of intelligent and fully automatic mechanical equipment.


Suntech can also customize mask machines according to customer needs. From equipment function configuration, electret processing frame structure to structural parts, assembly process, etc., it can meet customer needs in all aspects. Welcome to inquire for details.