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The hot models of each era have this commonality?

The hot models of each era have this commonality?

Issue Time:2020-12-22

Have you found that in each period, in each field, in each type of product,

Although the most eye-catching hits are different, they are always so similar!

Do you want to say that you only look at the value of your face at all times?

NO! Not only looks good, but also more refined

Give a few examples and you will understandSuntech

1. Umbrella

Have seen so many umbrellas

Oil paper umbrella, cloth umbrella, silk umbrella, plastic umbrella


No matter what material or color it is

The most favored is always

Automatic umbrella and folding umbrella

If you dont believe me, observe carefully, the umbrella you used

Is it a folding umbrella besides the automatic umbrella?

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2. Mobile phone

The oldest eldest brother disappeared long ago 

Why? Bulky!

Later, various button phones came out

The ones that really went out of the circle in those days

and could sell them at high prices

It's a slide phone, flip phone

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Beautiful and stylish, small and exquisite

After everyone switched to smart phones

Still pursuing small and exquisite

Now the hottest is the foldable flexible phone


3. Computer

The earliest computer DOS system looks like this


Later, Windows standard configuration

 looks like This


Later, laptops looked like this


Later on, they used the iPad, like this


In the future, we may have to use real laptops


The development of computers is a process of lightening the burden

More and more mini and exquisite

It's getting softer and more foldable

The times are changing, but the aesthetic has not changed for thousands of years

Just like boys always like 18

Users always like folding, automatic and exquisite

What is the essence?

Convenient, intelligent, innovative

Save space, time and effort

To put it simply, it is convenient for the people

It is the same for those who are popular with their physique


Suntech ST-BS Computerized Beam Storage System

 is the role of the storage industry

One key in small space can be used to store large items

 such as warp, pulp, weaving and cloth rolls

Folding space, fully automatic PLC control, exquisite enough, intelligent enough

Different solutions can be provided according to the needs of users

The axis can be taken and set out from one position

on the same floor to different positions

The shaft can also be taken and set out from different positions of different layers


Intelligent garage in textile industry


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