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  • Q How Do I Know My VIP Level and Points

    A Initial points and VIP level will be sent via VIP Notice Email and 1V1 Whatsapp, and accompanied by a statement explaining the rights and benefits of VIP customers.
  • Q How to Check the Accumulated Points Updates

    A VIP points and levels will be updated on the first day of each quarter, in January, April, July and October respectively, and changes in VIP levels and benefits will be notified by your dedicated service team.
  • Q How to Redeem the VIP Rights

    A VIP benefits need to redeemed after you receive the notification of VIP level and benefits, or after placing an order, or after partticipating in the VIP events , your dedicated service team will contact you and redeem the relevant benefits through 1V1 email and Whatsap.
  • Q How does SUNTECH support for any problems during warranty?

    A We promise to give response ≤12hrs as well as Effective Solution ≤48hrs. Engineer on-site checking & repairing are also available.
  • Q How to install the machine by the online-instruction?


    (1) Read the “Operation Manual” carefully.

    (2) Prepare the installation tools.

    (3) Make an appointment for an online installation guide.

    (4) Open the packing and check the quantity & appearance of machine/parts.

    (5)  Place the machine according to the “Machine Foundation Drawing”.

    (6) Wiring the machine according to the “Machine Circuit”.

    (7) Commissioning the machine according to the “Operation Manual”.

    (8) Sign the "Acceptance Protocol” and “Machine Operation” video for SUNTECH recording.

    (9) Do the daily maintenance according to the “Operation Manual”.

  • Q How long will it take to ship after ordering?

    A Commonly 30-45 days for different models. If customization is required, the lead time will be extended accordingly.
  • Q After receiving the machine, do I need to install by myself?

    A Most of the machines are shipped under assembled-base or basic assembled-base, so you can use the machine directly or small installation work. For several complicated machines, the engineer will guide you online or go to your factory directly to do the installation work.
  • Q How long is the warranty period?

    A We guarantee 12 month warranty period from the date of shipment.
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