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With the belief of customer first, we believe that the success of our business need to rely on positive and solid cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we promise to offer customers life cycle service & support, and exclusive service & benefits for honor customers as well, to maximize your satisfaction with us.
Strict Quality Control
12 Hours Timely Response
Localized Support
Lifetime Service Guarantee
Comprehensible Service Flow
We Care How You Feel With SUNTECH
01Specialized ConsultationFree Pre-sale Consulting, Customized Solutions as Demands
02Production RoutineStrict Quality Control, Visualization of Production with Timely Tracking
03On-site/Romote InspectionFlexible Machine Inspection Choices, Third-party Inspection Supported
04After-sales SupportTimely Troubleshooting, Technical Support regarding any machine issues
05Life Cycle ServiceRegular Maintenance Plan, Technical Iteration Plan, Spare Parts Support
06Installation & TrainingOverseas Service Teams, Localized Actions for Consulting, Installation, Training, etc
Look For You Local Agent
Lifetime Service We Promise
Comprehensively Support Your Business
Machine Inspection When It ArriveInform Us For Any Disacrepancy Of Goods Within 30 Working Days From The Time The Machine Arrives At Your Local Port* For any damage to the machine surface or shortage of parts, contact us directly with information regarding this issue and our service team will respond within 12 hours. We will identify the responsible party and provide a solution within 48 hours. Any replacement parts will be delivered to you from China or sourced directly locally.
Problem Sloving At Your InstallationWe Offer Onsite Support And Remote Guiding To Help Fix It At Once* ​Simply ask us how to address your issue and we will provide remote guidance to help you address it step-by-step, or provide local support if requested. Also, we will make a return visit within 90 days to confirm that your machine is running smoothly.
Lifetime Technical Support We Offer A Life Cycle Support To Miximize Your Machine Value
Within Warranty* For any technical issue or spare parts wear, you can consult us about any issues you encounter and we will respond within 12 hours. We will confirm the responsible party and offer optimal solutions, with online guidance or on-site engineer support.* ​You want to train your operations or maintenance staff? We provide you with training and guidance to ensure you have an easy start. In addition, our service team will conduct return visits within 30 days.
Out Of The WarrantyFor problems of machine operation that occurred out of the warranty, ​we still offer a worry-free service that provides you with optimal solutions and addresses your problems via remote or on-site support. Note that a charging rate will be applied.
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If Any Unsatisfication
​From the time we speak to you, we do care about your experience at every stage.
We always practice what our customers believe in first and do our best to maximize your satisfaction.
However, if, for any reason, we do not satisfy you, please contact our Service Monitoring Team directly or fill out a complaint form, and our team will respond within 12 hours to provide a solution as soon as possible. If you have any feedback, you can also tell us by filling in the form. We shall be glad to hear your voice.
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Faqs To Better Help
How long will it take to ship after ordering?
Commonly 30-45 days for different models. If customization is required, the lead time will be extended accordingly.
After receiving the machine, do I need to install by myself?
Most of the machines are shipped under assembled-base or basic assembled-base, so you can use the machine directly or small installation work. For several complicated machines, the engineer will guide you online or go to your factory directly to do the installation work.
How long is the warranty period?
We guarantee 12 month warranty period from the date of shipment.
How to install the machine by the online-instruction?
(1)Read the “Operation Manual” carefully(2)Prepare the installation tools(3)Make an appointment for an online installation guide. (4)Open the packing and check the quantity & appearance of machine/parts. (5)Place the machine according to the “Machine Foundation Drawing”(6)Wiring the machine according to the “Machine Circuit”(7)Commissioning the machine according to the “Operation Manual”(8)Sign the "Acceptance Protocol” and “Machine Operation” video for SUNTECH recording(9)Do the daily maintenance according to the “Operation Manual”
How does SUNTECH support for any problems during warranty?
We promise to give response ≤12hrs as well as Effective Solution ≤48hrs. Engineer on-site checking & repairing are also available.