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SUNTECH Textile Machinery, with 54 years expert experience in textile machinery manufacturing, focusing on fabric make up machinery and fabric material handling & storage equipment, especially for fabric relaxing, fabric inspection, visual inspection, automatic fabric roll packing, and warp beam transport and storage. Today, with non-stop step to advanced tetxtile automation, we've been growing an expert in textile equipment automation.
SUNTECH Textile Machinery has more than 10,750 customers, 129 exporting countries and 57,317 installations worldwide, while expecting to continue to expand a well-established global network of agents to drive our local initiatives. We have specialized business, after-sales and local agent teams to provide onsite or remote services to customers worldwide, and will continue to expand our global agency network, the real practice of "Think Global, Act Local."


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Automated Technologies, Stay Ahead of Market Curve

We are proud of our line of highly developed products, including the STelego Electric Warp Beam Trolley, the Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Line, the Fabric Relaxing Machine, and the ST-Thinkor AI Automated Visual Inspection System. With more than 62 patented technologies and national software copyrights, we have deepened our expertise as a textile automation equipment specialist, making our technologies representing the forefront of the market.

Gain a Trustworthy Partner with High Reputation

In the textile equipment industry, SUNTECH Textile Machinery has already earned the reputation of high quality and reliability. We have over 5000 business customers with over 99% customer satisfaction. We've devoted to profitable development, always striving to create value and earn the confidence of our customers and partners. By partnering with SUNTECH, you will not only achieve commercial success, but also get the most dependable and everlasting partner.

Rich in Marketing Resources and Support

Of course, as an international brand, our marketing is also at the forefront. We have a wealth of online channels and displays of brand power, including Google and social media. We provide each partner with a complete marketing plan and online and offline marketing support to ensure that our partners have local market promotion resources and competitive advantages.

Acquire Our Mature Agent System

From agent seeking plans to achieve long-term cooperation, we have a complete cooperation process and rules.

Enjoy Thorough Service with Customized Solutions

Nowadays, the very definition of what makes a textile machine “good” has changed in profound ways. Except of high quality machines, we devoted to delivering outstanding service and support to our customers and partners. Comprehensive pre-sale counseling, excellent after-sale service, and skilled technical support are availbable, also providing customized solutions according to each customer's unique business requirements, so that you can have no worries in the cooperation with customers.
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