AKIJ TEXTILE MILLS LTD is a textile company affiliated to the AKIJ Group. The group has 23 subsidiaries, with an annual turnover of US$1.5 billion and 50,000 employees. AKIJ TEXTILE MILLS LTD is a comprehensive textile factory (spinning - weaving - dyeing and finishing - finished fabrics). The weaving department has 356 looms and a monthly production capacity of 3 million yards.

Over the past seven years, AKIJ Group has acquired more than 13 of our advanced textile machines, marking them as one of our largest and most loyal customers in Bangladesh. This enduring relationship has played a pivotal role in their production capabilities and growth, aligning seamlessly with our mission to provide innovative and efficient textile solutions.
Honored Customer Journey
For the past 7 years, AKIJ has not only been our esteemed partner, but also a very important friend. We are delighted that our fabric inspection and storage solutions have helped AKIJ greatly increasing its production capacity and enhancing the industry competitiveness of its products, receiving commendation in return. Their status as a respected industry leader means that their endorsement of our machines significantly sways other potential clients in the region to consider our products.

Earlier this year, SUNTECH introduced an upgraded VIP system to express our gratitude to our long-standing partners. We would like to sincerely and solemnly express our gratitude to AKIJ for this long-term trust and support. In February, SUNTECH dispatched a specialized team to AKIJ's factory, presenting them with the annual cooperation honor trophy and leaving behind memorable moments. Additionally, we inspected the operation and maintenance of the machinery in their factory.

Looking ahead, we are committed to further strengthening our relationship with AKIJ Group by continuing to offer unparalleled product support and technological advancements.
Challenges & Why SUNTECH
SUNTECH Solutions to Help Out
SUNTECH Fabric Inspection Solution
As a head brand in the industry, AKIJ has extremely strict standards for fabric inspection and production. They require more efficient and precise solutions to ensure a high pass rate for finished product inspection. For this reason, we provided a series of customized woven fabric inspection equipment based on AKIJ's business requirements. To date, 10 machines are in steady operation, successfully helping AKIJ to improve fabric inspection pass rates and ensure downstream customer satisfaction.

SUNTECH Automated Material Storage Solution
To address growing demand for premium products and boost productivity, AKIJ has embraced SUNTECH's automated material storage solutions. SUNTECH's beam stacker, with its advantages of "space saving, safe, digitalized management", helps to solve solved the problem of warp beam storage covering a large area, difficult to retrieve and low management efficiency. With customized software integrated into AKIJ's ERP, the beam stacker has revolutionized their inventory management. This technology enables quicker material access, saving 15-20 minutes per beam handling and enhancing overall efficiency. The system's success has elevated AKIJ's operations and expanded SUNTECH's market presence in Bangladesh.
Reviews from AKIJ
AKIJ expressed their gratitude to SUNTECH and its partners for their invaluable support
We are so happy to choose SUNTECH as our big textile machine supplier, with your dedicated team’s help, we improved our production efficiency, created more space for beam storage, and reduced labor costs. We believe this strategic cooperation will benefit both of us.
-- Shamim Shah  
( Engineering SUST DGM, Weaving)
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