The cooperation between SUNTECH and CANNON starts in 2017, when CANNON inquired SUNTECH about fabric inspection machines, and our storay began. Industrias CANNON De Columbia S.A has 50 years of experience in the home textile industry, including 25 years as a towel manufacturer. As one of the biggest textile manufacturers in Columbia, CANNON always requires optimizing their production, aiming to prove productivity, while ensuring product quality.

Today CANNON has facilities of more than 80,000㎡ distributed in 3 modern plants, producin 950 tons/month, bringing the most complete experience in the industry to serving its clients. More than 140 DORNIER weaving machines use raw materials imported from the world's best spinning mills to produce the largest and most complete range of 100% cotton terry cloth. Complete vertical integration enables CANNON to provide their customers with products manufactured to their requirements.
Honored Customer Journey
7 Years, CANNON is not only our esteemed partner but also a very important friend. We are delighted that our fabric inspection, warp beam handling, and storage solutions have helped CANNON enhance factory productivity and have received corresponding commendation. Furthermore, CANNON has been actively providing insightful advice to help us continuously improve our products, technology, and services. 
Earlier this year, SUNTECH introduced an upgraded VIP system to express gratitude to our long-standing partners. We'd like to sincerely and solemnly express our gratitude to CANNON for this long-term trust and support. In March of this year, SUNTECH dispatched a specialized team to CANNON's factory, presenting the annual cooperation honor trophy and leaving behind memorable moments. Additionally, we inspected the operation and maintenance of the machinery in the factory. 
We look forward to the next seven years, and hope that the partnership between CANNON and SUNTECH will continue this mutual support and trust.
Challenges & Why SUNTECH
SUNTECH Solutions to Help Out
SUNTECH Fabric Inspection Solution
CANNON has extremely strict standards for the inspection and production of towel fabrics. They require a more efficient and accurate solution to ensure high pass rate in finished inspections. In this context, we provide woven and knitted fabric inspection equipment, stably operating over 6 years. This series of equipment perfectly helps them boost a qualified fabric inspection rate, ensuring satisfaction for downstream customers.

SUNTECH Smart Storage & Handling Solution
CANNON's business has continued to expand, facing the need for increased production capacity and space. They require a more space-saving, safer, and more labor-efficient warp beam storage and handling. SUNTECH's Automated Material Handling & Storage Solution caught CANNON's attention. The beam stacker, with its advantages of "small space, large capacity, low cost, and high intelligence," solves the warehousing challenges for textile enterprises and has received unanimous praise from the industry. CANNON got 3 times more space in beam storage, taking beam out time reduced by 15-20 mins. The electric warp beam trolley, with features of compact structure, easy operation, long-lassting power, makes easy handling even for 4.5T beam and 50% efficiency up in beam transport.
Reviews from CANNON
CANNON expressed their gratitude to SUNTECH and its partners for their invaluable support
Both CANNON and SUNTECH actively contribute their strengths, resulting in long-term trust cooperation. By fostering open communication and collaboration, the interaction between us is not just a transaction but a meaningful exchange that enriches us to further success.
-- John Garcia 
(General De Operation)
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