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SUNTECH Electric Warp Beam Trucks-STelego

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-23      Origin: Site


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SUNTECH Electric Warp Beam Trucks-STelego

In recent years, the heavy load-lifting industry has witnessed a remarkable revolution, driven by the widespread adoption of automation and artificial intelligence. Specifically, the sector responsible for electric warp beam trucks has undergone a remarkable transformation, seamlessly incorporating automation and AI into its operations. This integration has given rise to an era of innovation, revolutionizing the productivity, efficiency, and safety of lifting and transporting heavy loads. The combination of automation and AI in hoist electric warp beam lift trolleys has unlocked unparalleled benefits, propelling us into a new era of lifting characterized by heightened precision, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

A complete electric warp beam truck consisting of 3 essential systems: the driving system, the beam lifting system, and the harness mounting system. Each system plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of the trolley, enhancing its efficiency and usability.


The driving system enables the trolley to move smoothly and maneuver effectively. It is equipped with two drive wheels and three supporting wheels, allowing for stable movement. The direction of travel is controlled by a handle, which offers precise control over the trolley's movements. There are two operating modes within the driving system:

  • Long-distance travel: By turning the handle to the linear position and retracting the beam lifting system, the trolley can be driven over long distances. The speed knob is flipped to engage the drive function, providing swift and efficient movement.

  • Reaching the weaving beam/looms: To approach the weaving beam or loom, the handle is turned to the vertical position, and the beam lifting system is extended. By flipping the speed knob, the trolley can be driven to the desired location. During this process, the left and right driving wheels can be controlled independently, allowing for precise adjustment of the trolley's alignment with the beam/loom. The handle is connected to an electric steering system, which reduces the required effort for turning by a factor of five compared to manual steering.

The beam lifting system is responsible for loading and unloading beams onto/from the loom. As the trolley approaches the beam/loom, the operator can adjust the hook position to facilitate the loading process. An innovative feature included in this system is the "Side Shift Function." When the trolley is stationary, the hook can transversely move left and right by 100mm. This functionality proves extremely useful in situations where beam position adjustments are required in confined spaces. The "Side Shift Function" is driven by an electric linear actuator, ensuring stability, ease of maintenance, and safety. Moreover, the hook is equipped with detachable pads to accommodate various beam types, such as those used in Picanol and Toyota looms.


The harness mounting system allows the operator to control the harness mounting device, which is responsible for handling heald frames and droppers. The device can be adjusted in terms of height, stretching, and contracting, both through the handle and a remote control. An electric linear actuator drives the harness mounting device, ensuring smooth and precise movements. During the loading process onto the loom, the operator can use the handle to position the harness mounting device approximately and then move to the other side of the loom for a clearer observation. Fine insertion can be done precisely using the remote control. This feature significantly improves convenience, accuracy, and safety during the working process.

In summary, the fully Electric Warp Beam Trucks with Harness Mounting Device offers exceptional performance, extensive operability, and a streamlined design. Its driving system allows for easy and controlled movement, the beam lifting system incorporates innovative features for precise beam handling, and the harness mounting system enhances convenience and accuracy during the loading process. This trolley represents a remarkable solution in terms of functionality and efficiency in the weaving industry.

ST-MBT-02I is the newest model, suitable for bottom beam transporting, inserting in weaving machines, weave beams weighing up to 1800kg and beam width as per requirement, additional loading capacity of 300kg for the harness. The trolley is applicable for any weaving machines with their normal working width of 170-340cm without changing its size. The harness is accommodated by the standard take-up for the harness frame and the contact rails and dividing rails or the complete weave stop motion.

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