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Happy Strength Group 9th Anniversary

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-23      Origin: Site


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Happy Strength Group 9th Anniversary

2013-2022 Focus on the Future, Empower the Better World.

To announce that this year marks the ninth anniversary of STRENGTH Group is a time full of excitement.

STRENGTH, a leading and worldwide technology company with decades of expertise and innovation, ensures value creation for a sustainable future. STRENGTH is the pioneer in designing, producing and manufacturing textile machinery. Over more than half a century, STRENGTH has been providing solutions for automation to a wide variety of industries, including the textile, sanitary, industrial, and agricultural production sectors.

Motivated by digitization, automation, and intelligence, STRENGTH has accumulated a significant number of clients all over the world, hailing from over one hundred different nations. We are concentrating all of our efforts on our core businesses in an attempt to generate wealth over the long run for the benefit of the future and to assist " Intelligent Manufacturing from China" in gaining recognition on a worldwide scale.

We are going to invest money into developing innovative technical solutions for the future. By breaking through the hurdles that stand in the way of intelligent automation and conventional production practices, we want to make a positive contribution to the textile field.

As a responsible and international corporation, one of our goals is to find the sweet spot where long-term profits, social justice, community development, and environmental sustainability all come together in the best possible way. In order to secure a profitable and sustainable future, STRENGTH Group is dedicated to producing a positive influence in all aspects of our company, including the environment, our employees, and the community at large.

There is no doubt that STRENGTH Group culture places a strong emphasis on the value of its members. STRENGTH is an organization that is dedicated to the promotion of social justice, economic opportunity, and individual empowerment. The principles that promote inclusivity and equality will make sure that every member has the same amount of opportunities to learn, grow, and take on positions of leadership as any other, guaranteeing a better future for everyone in this community as a result.

STRENGTH Group was founded on the principle of innovation, and its long-term goal is to develop into a worldwide organization with an effect on multinational brands. Let us celebrate the 9th anniversary of STRENGTH Group, and we look forward to jointly celebrating the 10th anniversary of our company with all of our customers!

  8F, Bldg. A, Shimao Wisdom Tower, No.9 Jiangnan Ave., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.C
  8:00 am - 18:00 pm, Monday - Friday
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