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Being a specialized and leading brand of textile machinery under STRENGTH Group, SUNTECH, since 1970, has accumulated extensive experience in the R&D, manufacturing, supply and sales of Fabric Make-up Machines, Material Storage & Handling Equipment, Weaving Preparation & Weaving Machines, and Nonwoven Machines. Today, our primary mission is to provide highly automated solutions to contemporary textile plants located all over the globe.

SUNTECH Brand Iteration

"SUNTECH 1.0" - 1970 Putting an Emphasis on Quality

SUNTECH's initial concentration was on the production of textile machines, with an emphasis on both the ongoing improvement of product quality and the implementation of the "Quality As Priority" philosophy. SUNTECH distinguished itself from competitors in the local textile equipment sector by providing a line of fabric finishing machines of exceptional quality.

"SUNTECH 2.0" -2006 An Investigation Into the Overseas Market

SUNTECH created the textile storage and handling production lines as it investigated the new potential presented by the global market. This was made possible by the company's development of independent technology. We were able to win the unqualified acclaim of clients from other countries and successfully created the milestone of getting closer to being "A Leading Textile Machinery Manufacturer Worldwide."

"SUNTECH 3.0" - 2022 A Specialist Of Automated Textile Solutions Globally

Because of the new brand update that we are implementing in 2022, we will be moving into the manufacture and full-scale development of automated textile machines. In order to establish our brand DNA and ensure that SUNTECH's technology and products can serve customers all over the world, the primary focus of our upgrading strategy is on creative thinking, automation technology, the notion of "global penetration," and "localized support."


1970: In 1970, built as a State-Owned Enterprise. Start of Fabric Make-up Machinery manufacturing in Yuyao, Ningbo.

2000: The 1st Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine was developed.

2004: Reformed as a Private Enterprise, acquiring success in Material Handling Equipment.

2006: Expansion in overseas markets. Large volume orders from foreign markets, especially from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Thailand, Indonesia.

2013: Zhejiang Strength Machinery Co., Ltd was founded as the sales company of SUNTECH in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.C.

2020: STair patent technology approved for non-woven fabric machine production lines.

2021: AI Automatic Fabric Inspection and Packing Line Released.

2022: SUNTECH brand upgrade, brings a new look to customers.


Technology Innovation

Science, technology, and innovation are cornerstones of modern development. Knowing this well, SUNTECH constantly exploring new technology in textile automation. The major advances in technology have enabled us to continue to push the boundaries of systems applied in the textile machinery, which encourages us to launch the upgrade fully electric warp beam trolley.

Life Cycle Service

Technology has developed so rapidly in recent years. Despite the fact that the use of the internet has made it possible for products, services, people, and capital to participate in e-commerce and interchange goods and services more freely than ever before, the local service still owns the advantage of convenience and  rapid response. Following the practices "Think Global, Act Local" , SUNTECH has developed overseas agents to realize local support with lifetime maintenance and service.

Global Market Presence

Global markets give companies access to a large customer base, that’s why SUNTECH keeps exploring new opportunities in global markets. The internet revolution has changed the way people think and react. To keep up with the idea of “global village”, SUNTECH has set up global agent networks and an overseas sales team to contact our customers.

SUNTECH prioritizes the success of our clients and includes customer value creation into all of our operations and policies. SUNTECH brings the brand upgrade into the "Intelligent Manufacturing 3.0" era, and fully promotes R&D and production of textile automation. We are constantly prepared to be your reliable, favored, and enduring companion.