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The overall efficiency of the equipment, the utilization of the machines, and the throughput all contribute to the productivity of industrial facilities. Implementing automated material handling systems is a great method to optimize the majority of the working process in textile industry.

STRENGTH grabs the opportunity and makes profound research on material storage and handling equipment for a long time. Now we launched the automated storage and retrieval system, which is a type of warehouse automation technology specifically designed to buffer, store, and retrieve products and inventory on demand.

There are many different types of systems, ranging from minor automated systems to bigger computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems that are completely integrated into the process of production and distribution.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System refers to a range of computer-controlled technologies that are used to automatically deposit and retrieve loads to and from predetermined storage sites, which come across one or more of the technologies when working in this environment, and the most important one is the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is crucial to the operation of businesses and also gives organizations a glimpse into the inner workings of their systems in real time, offering insights into anything from the efficiency of equipment to the functioning of supply chains and logistical operations.

Besides, the Internet of Things helps businesses to automate their procedures and cut down on the amount of labor needed. In addition to these benefits, it enhances service delivery, reduces waste, and makes it more cost-effective to produce and ship items. Furthermore, it provides visibility into the financial activities of individual customers.

As a result, the Internet of Things is one of the most essential technologies for day-to-day living, and it will continue to gain momentum as an increasing number of companies see the potential of connected devices, which helps them maintain their competitive edge.

When it comes to automation, STRENGTH moves forward from a manual process to automation while providing the solution to low production speed, demand for high volume requirements and extra costs of manual loading. STRENGTH is prepared for greater market integration and will increase investment in research and development of handling equipment.

STRENGTH has been exploring and deepening in the fields of textile machinery manufacturing and industrial automation solutions, intending to provide customers in global areas with solutions that are innovative, automatic, and sustainable. At this point, we have increased our expertise in Textile Machinery as well as Industrial Automation. Through our decades of expertise, comprehensive research and development, and technical tie-ups with key firms from across the globe, STRENGTH is prepared to provide our customers with the most effective one-stop solution in the field of textile machines. We are going to keep investigating new avenues of material storage&handling leading to automation and intelligence, and we are going to show the world even more of our successes!