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Automatic Tube-sewing Machine

The modern textile industry develops itself in a rapid step that gradually grows its demand for Lycra fiber which needs fabrics to be slit and heat-fixed before dyeing, and further, makes the automatic tube-sewing machine afford much more strict requirements than before.

For achieving the diverse functions of the textile industry wants, SUNTECH launched an automatic tube-sewing machine(ST-DFSM), which allows the automatic operation of knit fabrics selvedge sewing before dyeing.

The process of fabric heat fixing need to be done before the dyeing process because of the increasing applications of Lycra in the textile industry, so raw tubular fabric has to be slit open, heat-fixed and then sewn in the tubular form again to be dyed.


Automatic Tube-sewing Machine (Double Folding Machine)

1. Various Fabrics Applications

Automatic Tube-sewing machine can doubling, sewing, plaiting any type of fabrics from plait/loose fabric to plait/loose fabric and it is equipped with special systems for thin and sensitive fabrics as well as fabrics with curled edges.

2. Edge-alignment Raster

At fabric inlet, a set of pneumatic centering roller, which can make sure the fabric stay in the center of the machine. Before folding, a set of costly centering roller to center the fabric again. During folding, a pair of edge alignment raster which can detect these each edge of folded fabrics, if these two edges is not aligned well, the edge alignment raster will move left or right to align the fabric edges well. The edge-alignment error ≤0.6mm.

3. Perfect Fabric Curled Edge Controlling

At the fabric inlet, one group of scroll rollers open fabric curled edge firstly. In front of the edge-alignment raster. mechanical uncurling device to open fabric curled edge again, to make sure the raster can detect the fabric edge. Before sewing, a set of electrical uncurling devices and air blowing devices, which make sure the fabric curled edge is opened totally for a perfect sewing effect.

4. Single-thread Sewing Easy Opening After Dyeing

4.1 Single-thread sewing: We use JUKI (JUKI Brand Sewing Machine/DDL-8700)with Auto-Search of the fabric edge.Sewing Machine and modified on its base. Once the dyeing is finished, the operator just needs to pull the thread and the tubular fabric will come into open width again, easy Operation.

4.2 Automatic sewing thread tracking: an edge alignment photo sensor detect the fabric edge, if the sewing thread has  deviated, the sewing machine can move automatically making sure the sewing thread is straight.

4.3 Automatic break sewing thread detection device: the machine will stop automatically when the sewing thread breaks, so there won't have a problem of the loose stitch.

5. Accurate Length Counting(Y/M).

It’s counting error ≤0.1m/km. There will be peple who are confused and don't know what to do when the folding and sewing are out of sync, tension is created when the fabric is exited. It is not a problem, when the sewing m/c sews the fabric, the fabric must be opened totally, in this way, the sewing effect can be good. And it will cause a little tension unavoidably but since the outlet form is plaited, the fabric condition will recover and release the tension at last.

Due to the tight press of food on the fabric, it will have the situations that stitching machine runs not fast as well as the fabric which is detained before the needle. This incorrect need to be fixed by screwing the button up and making the press foot not touch the fabric.

SUNTECH is a professional textile machinery manufacturing enterprise, with providing you with the most proper solutions based on your factory. And we never stop the innovation and automation step in textile machinery, about the double folding machine, if you have any interest in SUNTECH automatic tube-sewing machine (ST-DFSM) after reading our introduction, then click on SUNTECH’s official website to learn more about the machine! Waiting for you!