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In line with the general trend towards global electronic networking affecting all areas of life, numerous new technology applied in the solutions for the realization of Industry 4.0.

As we all know, technology in every field of society is playing a huge role. STRENGTH has been working hard in the field of automatic production, taking the advantage of computer technology to help the textile industry with its powerful operation and calculation& data processing abilities, further promoting the centralized management of automatic assembly lines.

Over the last few decades, STRENGTH has always introduced the latest technology into traditional industries, with the expectation that this would have a substantial impact on the development of industry 4.0. The fully automated packing line is the most crucial one since it may take the place of the conventional packaging line, which is inefficient and expensive to operate.

STRENGTH fully automatic packaging line is a completely new solution for textile industrial packaging and processing, providing a more convenient and effective way of automatic packaging, which saves operating costs by lowering labor costs and eliminating human interaction waste, increases productivity, and promotes a safer work environment by replacing repetitive and manual tasks. We can achieve full automation thanks to the following major achievements.

Six Axis Mechanical Arm

Here, the Six-axis mechanical arm smoothly captures the carbon fiber roll and places it in the correct place. A robot with six axes may move in the x, y, and z planes and position itself using roll, pitch, and yaw motions, which is excellent for simulating complicated arm motions. Additional benefits of six-axis robots include portability (easily transportable and/or mountable) and a broad horizontal and vertical reach.

Single-Spindle Automatic Code Scanner

The information will be saved independently for each fiber carbon roll once the automated code scanner identifies a barcode, a QR code, or a data-matrix code and stores the data separately.

Truss Manipulator Packing

The truss manipulator can automatically pick up and position the fiber carbon rolls on a pallet, one by one and in a certain arrangement. It will be easy to go on to the next packing step if the objects can be piled in many layers and then pushed out.

Automatic Box Weighing& Sealing & Banding Machine

Finally, the box will be weighted with recorded data and sealed respectively. After that, the boxes will be gently bundled and strapped securely. Then the automatic guide vehicle will transport the boxes to the specified location.

With decades of experience worldwide, intensive research and development, STRENGTH is ready to help you walk through the key considerations involving the automation of the packaging process. No matter it is the packaging of the product itself or the secondary packaging, palletizing.

Automation is present in modern businesses of all sizes. As a preeminent and global technology company, we have decades of expertise in the development of new technologies and the production of various types of equipment, all of which are driven by digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence. The use of automation, such as ASRS, AGV, laser welding, robotics, and other aspects, which were initially applied in SUNTECH textile industry automation, will continue to be the primary emphasis of STRENGTH.