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We SUNTECH, being a specialized and leading brand of textile machinery, have accumulated extensive experience in the development, production, supply and sales of textile machinery since 1970. For these 50 years, what we do is not just to be a successful company, we embed value creation in everything we do for customers. We invest all our resources and talents in the constant expansion of more intelligent and automated textile machinery manufacturing lines.

Today, we have cooperated with more than 5,000 customers worldwide and our machines are exported to more than 120 countries, with 17,000 machines currently in stable operation in global areas. In recent years, global society has undergone major transitions that have led to huge changes in the way people live and work, healthcare, education, and other social systems as a whole. Through these changes, we have seen the tremendous power and value of digitization and technology, as well as the irreversible trends driven by innovation, which drives SUNTECH to always keep up with the advanced technology and apply it to our textile machines.

And today we have an entire product upgrade with Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley with Harness Mounting Device, which is the newest model ST-MBT-02I, suitable for bottom beam & harness transporting, and inserting in weaving machines. With the faith of customers first, we do care about our customers’ success, striving to adapt quickly to the needs and requirements of our customers. This product upgraded/meeting European standards is easy to operate, meanwhile, it can help our customers save 40% cost, which is a huge step.

This ST-MBT-02I is the newest model, suitable for bottom beam transporting, inserting in weaving machines, weave beams weighing up to 1800kg and beam width as per requirement, additional loading capacity of 300kg for the harness. The trolley is applicable for any weaving machines with their normal working width of 170-340cm without changing its size.

The harness is accommodated by the standard take-up for the harness frame and the contact rails and dividing rails or the complete weave stop motion. You can take a look at our Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley.

There is a complete motorized trolley and consists of three systems---- driving system, beam lifting system and harness mounting system.

Driving System

The trolley moves on two drive wheels and three supporting wheels, the direction of travel is controlled by the handle.

(1) Turn the handle to the linear position and retract the beam lifting system, flip the speed knob to drive the trolley, it is to drive long distances.

(2) Turn the handle to the vertical position and extend the beam lifting system, and flip the speed knob to drive the trolley, it is to reach the weaving beam/looms. At this time, the left or right driving wheels can be controlled separately to adjust the parallelism of the trolley and the beam/loom. The handle is driven by an electric steering system and makes the turning five times less labor than normal.

Beam Lifting System

When the trolley moves closer to the beam/loom, the operator can find adjust the hook position to load the beam onto the loom or pick the beam up from the loom.

Here we apply【Side Shift Function】, when the trolley is standing still, the hook can transversely move left and right 100mm. This function is very convenient, safe and time-saving when adjusting beam position in a very limited space. The function is driven by an electric linear actuator, more stable and easy to maintain compared with the oil cylinder.

The hook has detachable pads to accommodate different beams’ heads, such as those of The Picanol and Toyota.

Harness Mounting System

The operator can control the harness mounting device going up, going down, stretching and contracting both by the handle and the remote to load/unload heald frames & droppers.

The harness mounting device is driven by an electric linear actuator. When loading work onto looms, the harness mounting device can reach the rough position by handle operation, then the worker can walk to the other side of the loom for more clear observation, and do fine insertion precisely by the remote. It makes the working process more convenient, more accurate, and safer.

This is exactly our fully Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley with Harness Mounting Device, with amazing performance, rich operability, and streamlined design.