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The Fabric Relaxing Machine in Garment Production

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-22      Origin: Site


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The Fabric Relaxing Machine in Garment Production

A fabric relaxing machine is a mechanical apparatus designed to gently exert tension on fabric, promoting relaxation or stretching of the material. It comprises two vertically aligned rollers rotating in opposite directions. As the fabric is fed through these rollers, tension is delicately applied, allowing the fabric to undergo the desired transformation.

Fabric relaxing machines find utility across various industries, notably in textiles, where they aid in pre-weaving or pre-knitting fabric relaxation. Moreover, they serve a vital role in the garment industry by facilitating the stretching of fabrics before cutting or sewing operations take place.

The Fabric Relaxing Process on a Fabric Relaxing Machine

The fabric relaxing process on a fabric relaxing machine entails several steps, ensuring optimal fabric treatment:

The operator begins by inputting the fabric's width and the number of yards onto the machine's interface.

Next, the roller gap is adjusted to determine the desired tension to be applied to the fabric.

The lower roller is then raised and brought into gentle contact with the upper roller.

The machine is started, and the operator gradually feeds the fabric into the rollers.

As the fabric passes through the rollers, it undergoes controlled stretching based on the gap between them.

After emerging from the machine, the excess fabric is cut off, and if necessary, the pieces are sewn together.

Advantages of Utilizing a Fabric Relaxing Machine

A fabric relaxing machine serves as a crucial asset for any garment business, offering numerous benefits:

1. Achieving Optimal Fit: By stretching and relaxing the fabric, these machines ensure garments attain a superior fit, enhancing their overall quality.

2. Professional Finishing: Fabric relaxing machines can add creases or pleats, lending garments a polished, professional appearance.

3. Tailored Shrinkage: These machines are capable of shrinking fabric, enabling better conformity to the body or specific areas like the waistline.

4. User-Friendly and Cost-Effective: Fabric relaxing machines are known for their ease of operation and minimal maintenance requirements, making them a cost-effective solution for garment businesses.

Different Types of Machines Available and Their Functionality

l Rotary Fabric Relaxer: The rotary fabric relaxer is specifically designed to effortlessly eliminate wrinkles from delicate fabrics. This machine utilizes a rotating drum that exerts gentle pressure on the fabric, offering versatility through adjustable settings to accommodate various fabric types.

l Pneumatic Fabric Relaxer: The pneumatic fabric relaxer employs the power of air pressure to smooth out wrinkles, making it particularly effective for thicker fabrics or multiple layers of fabric. Its adjustable settings enable customization based on the specific fabric type being treated.

l Steam Relaxer: The steam relaxer employs the transformative properties of steam to relax fabric fibers and eliminate wrinkles. Particularly suitable for fabrics with deep wrinkles or excessive starching, this machine boasts adjustable settings to suit different fabric types, ensuring optimal results.

SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine ST-FRM-VI(Air Type Roll to Roll Fabric Relaxing Machine)

ST-FRM-VI Air Type Roll to Roll Fabric Relaxing Machine is manufactured for eliminating the tension of various kinds of fabrics,especially for the knits fabrics. Its roll-to-roll fabric relaxing function enables you to achieve the best roll to roll relaxing fabric effect of the elastomeric, lycra fabrics, and denim fabrics.


Features of ST-FRM-VI

l Roll-to-Roll Relaxing, Direct to Cutting Section

l Synchronized Width Measurement

l 100% Tension Releasing, No Shrinkage

SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine is designed for garment factories by saving 24 hrs laying time for you. Contact us now!


The aforementioned information highlights the significance of fabric relaxing machines in garment production, underscoring their pivotal role in enhancing both the quality and efficiency of garments. For those seeking impeccable fabric finishing, acquiring a SUNTECH fabric relaxing machine is highly recommended for garment factories.

By employing our SUNTECH fabric relaxing machine, you can ensure that your fabrics achieve a flawlessly smooth finish akin to those produced in professional factories. Moreover, harnessing this advanced technology allows you to optimize time and resource utilization during the garment manufacturing process, resulting in faster production and reduced costs. This, in turn, enhances the competitiveness of your garments in terms of both price and quality. Considering these compelling factors, investing in a fabric relaxing machine is an astute decision for anyone aspiring to achieve success in the apparel industry.

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